Are your backflow preventers really safe?

We have a solution to a problem that will ensure that your backflow prevention device is protected.

The Problem

Common backflow preventer cage protection consists of an eye-bolt floor anchor with a typical padlock. This system is easily breached with bolt cutters or a pry-bar, enabling thieves to quickly and quietly make off with your asset.

Our Permanent Protection Solution

Our Shacklebox enclosure is the strongest on the market

BackflowSAFE is proud to introduce our latest innovative product in the fight against backflow preventer theft: The SHACKLEBOX.

SHACKLEBOX is a new backflow preventer enclosure that provides maximum security. Other enclosures on the market all use a standard padlock as their means of security. These padlocks are easily cut off with bolt cutters or hand-held grinders, leaving your expensive components unprotected.

SHACKLEBOX utilizes a tamper-proof, hidden-shackle puck lock encased inside a protective housing instead of a standard padlock. With heavy-gauge steel construction and an integrated, shackle-like locking mechanism, our enclosure has been specifically engineered to keep vandals out for good!

Don’t forget – if you already have an enclosure for your backflow preventer but just need some additional security, then our BackflowSAFE Protection Unit is what you’re looking for.

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Our Solution will Save You Thousands

You will never need to spend another penny replacing a stolen backflow prevention unit.

Made in the U.S.A.

Our BackflowSAFE theft prevention devices are made in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona.