FAQ for Shacklebox

What is the standard size for the Shacklebox enclosure?

Our standard Shacklebox has an outside dimension of 13 ½”wide x 25”high x 26”long and an inside dimension of 10 ½”wide x 24 ¾”high x 23”long

Do you make custom-sized enclosures?

Yes – we can fabricate a Shacklebox to fit whatever specifications you need.

What color do they come in?

Our standard color is a dark, hammertone bronze. We can have your Shacklebox powder coated in many different colors. Please note: There may be a delay in processing and a price increase depending on quantity of enclosures purchased with custom colors.

Does it come with a lock?

Yes – All Shackleboxes come with either a keyed or combo heavy-duty, puck-style lock – whichever you prefer.

Does there need to be a concrete pad under the Shacklebox enclosure?

Yes – The shackle mechanism is attached to the concrete pad using two 2 ¼” concrete anchors. The ideal pad size is 20”wide x 30”long and at least 3” thick. The flatter and smoother your pad is, the easier installation will be.

Is the Shacklebox easy to install?


  • If the concrete pad is in good shape and is flat and relatively smooth, installation should take less than 10 minutes with the right tools. Check out our installation video on our Resources Page.
  • If the concrete pad is not real flat and has some dips and dives in it, then it may be necessary to use some shims in the right places to get your shackle to line up properly.
  • If your pad is in bad shape, then it will need to be replaced before installing your Shacklebox.

For more information, please feel free to give us a call at 480.822.8168.

FAQ for BackflowSAFE Protection Unit

Is the enclosure/cage included in the standard package price?

No. The BackflowSAFE Protection Unit is designed to fit around and protect an existing enclosure.

Our backflow preventer needs an enclosure, too. Do you sell enclosures separately?

Yes. We sell enclosures specifically designed for the BackflowSAFE Protection Unit. We can also custom make any size and shape enclosure to fit your unique project specifications.

Does there need to be a concrete pad under the backflow preventer?

Yes. Our unit is designed to attach to a 3”+ thick concrete pad using ½” x 3” carriage bolts set in concrete epoxy. We can install a concrete pad if you don’t currently have one under your backflow preventer.

What measurements do I need to take before I place an order?

We will need the outermost dimensions of your existing enclosure(s). Please visit the “Order” page for more details.

What color does the BackflowSAFE unit come in?

All BackflowSAFE Protection Units and enclosures come in a powder coated finish called Sepia Hammertone, which is a medium brown color. Special order colors are also available.

For more information, please feel free to give us a call at 480.822.8168.