City of Oceanside Offers Tips to Prevent Backflow Theft

The City of Oceanside in San Diego County sees an uptick in backflow preventer theft for the brass and copper fittings.  The recommend painting, camouflage, hidden rocks, protective cages, and locks as ways to prevent backflow preventer theft.

GlendaleAZ Fights Backflow Preventer Theft

What is a backflow preventer?  Why are they important? How do they impact your taxes?  Glendale Water Services of Glendale, Arizona has published a two-page document on backflow preventers, why they are required, and the impacts of backflow preventer theft on you.

O’Fallon sees rise in plumbing thefts

O’Fallon police have a suspect in a string of plumbing thefts. Someone has been stealing backflow preventers from O’Fallon homes and businesses.  The devices connect to underground lawn sprinkler systems, preventing soil contaminants from entering the public water supply.

Mesa PD: Man arrested in thefts of water valves

MESA, AZ – Mesa police arrested a man who could be responsible for thefts of more than 100 “backflow prevention valves” worth between $60,000 to $160,000…Police report that for the past ten months there have been 107 cases of stolen backflow valves in Mesa. Each valve is valued between $600 and $1500.

Man accused of stealing 80 backflow prevention devices in Scottsdale area

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – A man is accused of stealing dozens of backflow prevention devices in the Scottsdale area…Police say the investigation is ongoing. It’s possible there are other victims and Rowland may face additional charges.

Two Arrested for Multiple Backflow Thefts

Reno, NV – Washoe County Sheriff’s detectives have arrested two men as part of an ongoing investigation into a series of backflow prevention thefts in the Cold Springs area…According to a news release, metal theft prevention continues to be a part of the Washoe County Sheriff’s office ongoing commitment to public safety and security.